The Revival is The Rebellion.

In the 19th century, Pennsylvania was the epicenter of American whiskey. Over 160 distilleries. Tens of thousands of barrels a year. Pennsylvania rye dominated the American whiskey landscape until Prohibition. Now, real Pennsylvania rye whiskey is back. And Meadville Distilling is leading the charge.

The History.

Our history dates back to the time of George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion. And that history is as much a part of our rye whiskey as the Pennsylvania grain it’s made from.
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The Master Distiller.

Meet Joal Wolf, master distiller and architect of the New Whiskey Rebellion.
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The Process.

Real Pennsylvania rye. Bottled in bond. Single barrel bottling. Drawing upon generations of distilling tradition, using only local grains. Get a peek at how we make Meadville Rye Whiskey.
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