Rye Whiskey

Meadville Rye Whiskey is distilled using the original recipe, created in 1860.

This is real Pennsylvania rye, the way it was made when rye was the most popular whiskey in America, and Pennsylvania ryes ruled them all.

We start with the grains: locally grown rye and barley. That’s it – no corn or wheat. We use those grains and fresh yeast to make a sweet mash. It’s a bit more challenging than using the traditional sour mash, demanding more effort and attention. We think it’s worth it.

Meadville Rye is bottled in bond.

That means it’s distilled exclusively at our facility – we don’t cheat and blend whiskeys from other producers – and aged for no less than four years at 100 proof.

The results are extraordinary. You’ll find aromas of walnut bread and blackjack sugar – the scent of the scorched caramel crust on a creme brulee. Take a sip, and you’ll get the flavors of rye bread, vanilla, caramel, and oak, all underlined with a nutty smokiness. Upfront, there’s a hint of cinnamon; at the finish, you’ll get a bit of tangerine. Meadville Rye is big and complex, a whiskey to be savored.

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